About Me

My name is Phillis Kiragu. I am a follower and witness of Jesus Christ, He is my Saviour. Beyond that, I have many descriptions depending on who you ask. To my family and friends, I am a daughter, a sister and a friend. To my colleagues, I am a senior software engineer specialising in PHP and Javascript. I am also a writer, a story teller, a YouTuber, a traveller and a budding Instagram travel content creator. I am sure there are so many other titles good and bad that whoever is answering this question might give.

At the moment of writing this and in the foreseeable future, through the will and grace of God, I am a digital nomad. That means I don’t have a permanent address in any country and I like to travel a lot.

My current goal is to travel to all UN countries. The number keeps changing but it is usually between 194-197. Here is a list of countries that I have been to so far.

This blog is dedicated to writing about my travel experiences and witnessing God’s grace in my travels.

I also have a youtube channel.

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I am a 20-something software engineer currently working as a non-software engineer. Enjoy a lot of things like music, travelling and technology. I started this blog because I feel that I have something to say. And also because if I keep all the things I think about in my head, it will explode and I prefer it intact.

From time to time I change my mind on stuff and that happens too many times

Welcome to my blog.

2021 Edit: I am still in my 20’s but now I am working as a software engineer, again.

You can contact me via my contact page.