Acts of Grace Namibia: Great host and Meeting Wonderful friends

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I am so overwhelmed by the love God provided for me in Namibia. I was connected with great people who made me feel loved and by the time I was leaving, once again my heart was hollow because I left them.

To be honest, I did not expect to form as good connections in Namibia as I did. The truth is, I was going to a strange land where I did not know anyone. It was different from Rwanda in that way.

The first good thing was the Airbnb I booked. It turned out to be a great house in a nice neighbourhood with a very kind host. And it was actually cheaper than all my other options in Windhoek. Mariska made sure I had everything I needed and was helpful with suggestions on things to do. It is actually thanks to her that I ended up completing a challenge to climb the big daddy dune from the hardest point. On my first weekend, I was going to walk to this hiking place a few kilometres outside the city but Mariska’s parents offered me a ride to the place instead.

The first day I landed, I met another traveller who had booked the other room in the house. Her name is Grace and she is kind and beautiful. She invited me to dinner where I got to meet her boyfriend Simba and their friends. It was such an awesome introduction to the country.

A few days later, another couple, Ava and Tyler, came to the house. We all ended up having such a good time and going to several dinners and lunches together. Then we found ourselves in Kenya at the same time and spent a weekend touring various parts of Nairobi.

In Swakopmund, I had booked a hostel and this young lady was in my room, her name is Zee. She is also a believer and we ended up talking until late at night. She told me her story, I told her mine and we encouraged each other.

On my trip to Walvis Bay, I met this incredible lady called Lavinia, oh my, Lavinia is an angel. What started as a compliment about her warm-looking wool coat ended up as a friendship that is hard to imagine. She is a wife and a mother of two lovely boys and she has a golden heart.

In the two weeks that I met her, she helped me do my hair (undo my braids, I washed my hair with her products in her bathroom, then she and her house help plaited new braids for me) all for free, fed me, took me on a tour to Katutura and even accompanied me camping. I

In fact, this camping trip was a miracle on its own. I had been stressed for days wondering how I would make it to Sossuvlei. There is no public transportation and renting a car would be very costly for me alone.

I called Lavinia and asked her if she’d be interested in going with me in her car to which she said yes. It ended up being such an amazing trip. We bonded and I miss her so much. She even offered me her home if I decided to extend my trip to Namibia which was something I was thinking about.

A few days before leaving, yet another couple, Brittany and John, came to the other room and even though I only knew them for a few days they were so lovely.

friends namibia

Mariska and Lavinia also accompanied me to a goodbye dinner on my last night in Windhoek.

friends namibia

I felt like crying as I went to the airport. Yet again, I was leaving people I cared about behind. People who we might never meet again, but they will always be a part of my memories.

This is why I enjoy travelling. The opportunity to meet these kind-hearted and wonderful people in the world. And I thank God for letting each of them cross my path. These people go out of their way to make me feel at home far from home, and they probably do not even realise what kind of an impact they have on me.

Thank you so much to everyone who made my stay in Namibia what it was. While I believe that God put you in my path, I also know that it was out of the goodness of your hearts that you treated me with kindness. You are all good people. I wish you all the best in your lives and your travels. We might not share the same faith but what I will say is, may my God always protect and guide you.

Thank you, God, for gracing Namibia for me.

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