Countries I have visited so far, 2023 Update

Map/List of countries I have visited in order of entry without counting airport-only layovers (I will keep updating this list). Join me on this amazing and scary journey.



  1. Kenya (Born and Raised)
  2. Rwanda, Dec 2015
  3. Uganda, Nov 2018
  4. Tanzania, Jan 2019
  5. Switzerland, Feb 2019
  6. Germany, Feb 2019
  7. France, Feb 2019
  8. Sweden, Aug 2019
  9. Finland, Sept 2019
  10. Denmark, Oct 2019
  11. Norway, Oct 2019
  12. Russia, Nov 2019
  13. Estonia, Nov 2019
  14. Greece, Nov 2019
  15. Poland, Nov & Dec 2019
  16. Italy, Dec 2019
  17. Vatican City, Dec 2019
  18. Austria, Dec 2019
  19. Slovakia, Dec 2019
  20. the Czech Republic, Dec 2019
    • Germany Again, Dec 2019
  21. the Netherlands, Jan 2020
    • Rwanda Again, Aug 2021
  22. Namibia, Nov 2021
  23. Benin Republic, Jan 2022
  24. Ghana, Feb 2022
  25. Malawi, July 2022
  26. Zambia, July – Aug 2022
  27. Zimbabwe, Aug2022
  28. South Africa, Sep 2022
  29. Botswana, Sep – Oct 2022
  30. Mozambique, Oct 2022
  31. The Philippines, Nov 2022
  32. Singapore, Nov 2022
  33. Malaysia, Dec 2022
  34. Cambodia, Dec 2022 – Jan 2023
  35. Laos, Jan 2023
    • Singapore again, Jan 2023
  36. Hong Kong, Jan 2023- Feb 2023
  37. Nepal, Feb 2023

I love to travel and I decided to finally start my Round the World Trip, RTW in 2021. Admittedly, starting now is scarier than ever with the covid-19 pandemic. There are strict requirements at all borders and bans in some countries.

My goal is to visit all UN countries in the next 5 years.

I will be travelling with my Kenyan Passport which only gives me access to 30% of the world. I will have to battle immigration departments, embassies, and possibly customs for the rest of the world. Is it scary? Yes very. Will it stop me? No, not a chance!

2021 Round the World Trip: Solo Travel

1. Rwanda, August 25th 2021 – November 3th 2021

Rwanda was the first country I ever visited and it also became the first country on my official RTW. I was hosted by my friend Molly(name on the previous articles) aka Dorcas and she introduced me to many of her family and friends. By the end of the two months, Rwanda felt more like home than just another country I visited.

22. Namibia, November 4th 2021 – Dec 3rd 2021

Because Rwanda felt like home, I consider Namibia as my first official RTW destination. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people, inside and out. I stayed at an Airbnb where I have met some very lovely people who make the house feel like home.

In December, I decided to go back home to Nairobi when the news of Omicron hit Southern Africa and all borders started to close. I simply didn’t want to be stuck with no way to get home and feel lonely on Christmas. The whole issue was highly politicised so there was no way of knowing how it would go.

First Time in West Africa, January 2022 – March 2022

On January 1st, it was wheels-up again and to Benin republic, I went. On February 5th, I was back at it again. This time heading to Ghana.

Back to Southern Africa, July 2022 – present

On July 7th, I landed in Malawi. Country number 25.

I proceeded to Zambia and then to Zimbabwe by road.

South Africa

This was a work trip. I actually had to go back to Kenya to apply for a visa even though I was already so close to SA.


My colleague wanted to pass by Botswana on his way back to Kenya so I decided to join him. It ended up being such a nice trip as we reunited with a friend we had met in Sweden.


The big 30. Such a milestone.

First Trip to ASIA – 22nd October 2023

I finally set off to Asia, starting with the Philippines. Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Nepal.

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