12 Epic Things to do in Namibia

deadvlei namibia

Namibia is a vast country with many attractions. This is a list of the activities I did with a bonus of what else you can do that I didn’t get to do but would have loved to. One of the challenges with travelling in Namibia is transport. These attractions are far from each other and in most cases no public transport is available.

1. Deadvlei and the Sand Dunes: Climbing Big Daddy

Climbing the Big Daddy is one of my best experiences travelling ever. Deadvlei is simply magical. This is a must-visit on your Namibia trip.

2. Camping in Sossusvlei

There are various campsites at Sossuvlei. Relax and enjoy nature.

3. Sesriem Canyon

The Canyon is beautiful, especially during the rainy season.

4. Swakopmund Town Tour

Take your time and walk around this coastal town with so much German influence. Rest at the beach of the Atlantic ocean.

5. Quad biking and Sand Boarding in the Desert

In Swakopmund, head on to one of the companies that offer desert activities, you will not regret it.

6. Catamaran Tour from Walvis Bay, Namibia

Walvis bay has a lot to offer. Make sure you hope on a Catamaran tour where you can see a variety of sea animals.

7. A Tour of Windhoek City, Namibia

Take a tour of the city and learn some of the histories of the capital city of Namibia.

A tour of Windhoek Namibia

While in Windhoek, make sure to try as many dishes as possible.

8. Hiking with IJG Trails

If you want to spend the afternoon hiking, IJG trails at farm Windhoek offers a variety of trails to help you along.

9. Eating Game Meat at Joe’s

Ever curious what a Zebra tastes like? What about a crocodile? This rustic-looking joint offers it all.

10. Visit Lake Oanob

This is one of the hidden gems in Namibia on the road from Windhoek to Sossuvlei. You should take a turn at Rehoboth and drive a few kilometres. I only got to know of it through my friend Lavinia, who was gracious enough to accompany me to Sossuvlei.

11. Stop By the Tropic of Capricorn Sign

The Capricorn sign is on many roads leading towards the south of Windhoek. It simply marks the line where the Tropic of Capricorn line passes in Namibia.

12. Visit Katutura Area and Market

Katutura Township, whose name translates to the place where people don’t want to live, is the part of Namibia where you’ve probably read not to go to. However, I think you should visit this area to see where the people live and do business. There is a really excellent brai market that you shouldn’t miss. Just make sure you don’t flash any expensive gear or stand out too much.

Mopane Worms Namibia
Mopane worms sold at Katutura Market in Namibia


Here is a list of activities I didn’t get to but you could:

  1. Etosha National Park
  2. Fish River Canyon
  3. Spitzkoppe
  4. Moon Landscapes
  5. Meet the Himba people, the san community
  6. Dune 7
  7. Various animal sanctuaries

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