Amazing Things To Do in Nairobi and Surroundings

Funny pic at crater lake

Nairobi always has a lot to offer. You just need to know where to start looking and I can guarantee you came to the right place. There are various things to do and so much to experience even with the ongoing lockdown. All the listed places and activities are within the zoned area under lockdown as of April 2021. Be sure to check out these other awesome places, that are within the same area (Make sure to call ahead to confirm that places are open during lockdown though). So if you find yourself bored at home, don’t blame lockdown😊. PS: All are easily accessible through both private and public (matatu) means of transport. So you really have no other excuse😂.

1. Maasai Lodge, Kitengela Hot Glass and Scary Bridge

Maasai Lodge is a serene place in Rongai that offers its guests a chance to take a nature trail with a guide. The nature trail leads you across some plains and onto the scary bridge. This swinging bridge stands quite high, below it a river, therefore, not recommended for people with the fear of heights. But the experience is unimaginable. The sheer adrenaline you get while crossing it, and if you happen to look down when midway, you feel as if you are about to meet your ancestors.

Across the bridge is the magical hot glass community with a lot of art and recycled glass. You get to witness the art of glass blowing and the making of amazing artefacts. If you are guests at Maasai lodge, the tour guide is free but tipping is encouraged. The ticket to cross the bridge is Ksh 150. Finish the day by getting nyama choma at the lodge.

2. Crater Lake, Naivasha

This hidden gem is one of the most beautiful views I have seen so far, and believe me I have seen quite a few. We discovered it with Marc as we were driving in Naivasha and did not want to go to Lake Naivasha since we’d been there before with our friends. There is a game drive where you can see various animals and they offer other activities such as camping. The highlight of this place is taking a walk up a small hill to view the crater lake. The view is breathtaking. Also, make sure to exit via Moi North Lake road for some amazing driving experience.

3. Game Nights With Friends at Home

This one does not need an explanation but it is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. Get your board games ready, google more games to play and just have fun with your friends. Game nights saved me and my friend’s sanity in 2020. Caution is advised, only gather with your close friends during these pandemic times. Our top games were Card games such as Kings, street poker and Bullshit, Question games such as (never have I ever, would you rather and things) and Jenga / Monopoly / Scrabble. You can either use google to get the questions or ask each other. We once spent the better part of the night playing would you rather, there were philosophical questions that led to very interesting discussions such as “Would you rather travel back to some point in your past or travel to some point in your future?” Let me know what your answer is in the comments. With game nights the possibilities are endless, you can choose to dance, sing karaoke, or just catch up, whatever floats your boat. Which other games do you enjoy, indoors? Leave me a comment below. Keep it PG😂

4. Ngong Hills

The hills have eyes. Ngong hills is probably the most underrated place in Nairobi. Put on your best tracksuit and sports shoes and go walk up and down these hills. You can carry food and have a picnic at the top. Run up and down and test your lung capacity. The entrance fee is Ksh 200 per person only. You will want to keep going back, trust me.

5. Chania Falls

Chania falls is another place you should definitely visit. It is located in Thika and its entrance is at the Blue Post Hotel (Google maps will mislead you). Emma and I almost got in trouble with the traffic police attempting to make an illegal turn thanks to Google map confusion. The falls are beautiful, and I did not get to go to the actual nature trail, I imagine it is quite an experience. It is in my list of to-dos though, so add it to yours. You also get to walk around the small animal park and museum.

6. Panorama Park Hotel

One word. Slide!!! Let out your inner child and slide like there is no tomorrow. Not to mention the amazing views and the awesome food. The Slide and Pool cost Ksh 400 per person and the meals are pretty affordable.

7. Bowling

Bowling is not common in Kenya but it is a very fun way to spend the afternoon. It is offered at the Village market. make sure to book in advance so that you do not have to wait for long to get a lane. I celebrated my 26th birthday there in 2019 and despite throwing a gutter ball my first try, it was very much fun. In recent years several other bowling places have opened up in Sarit Center, Westgate Mall and NextGen Mall. If you’ve been to any of them please leave a comment on your experience.

8. Lake Naivasha and Lake Elementaita

These two need no introduction. At lake Naivasha, you get to take a boat ride to an Island where you dock, see some animals and take some pretty pictures. Make sure you eat/buy fish from the locals. From there, drive to lake Elementaita to witness the hot water with fumes from underground. The area doesn’t offer much and is poorly maintained but it is still worth seeing.

Lake Elementaita
Island in lake Naivasha
Water hyacinth

9. Two Rivers Mall

This mall is impressive but its best feature is the games arcade and the eye of Nairobi. I went here with my mom and I had one of the best days ever.

Bonus: Drive along the Thika Mang’u road on your way to Naivasha for some amazing view of tea plantations

Don’t forget to read about 8 Awesome Places to Visit in Nairobi. What other places have you visited in or around Nairobi? Please leave a comment below.

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