9 AWESOME Activities and Things to do in RWANDA


Rwanda is an awesome country. I can’t say that enough. The people are really nice and friendly even when language barrier gets in the way. One thing to note is that majority of people only speak Kinyarwanda, you’ll be lucky if you find those who do speak either French, Swahili or English. Luckily for me, my friend Dorcas speaks all three and therefore most of her friends do too.

There are various activities to do and enjoy in Rwanda. The beauty is that the country is small and so moving from one place to another will not take all day.

1. Have Fun in Kigali

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and also the only city with an international airport. Which means your trip to Rwanda, will most likely start and end in Kigali. I wrote a separate article just for it. Here is the list of things you can do in the city.

kigali dome, rwanda
Kigali Dome, Rwanda

2. A Weekend Trip to Gisenyi and Lake Kivu

This one is a MUST. If you only have a few days in Rwanda, you can skip some activities in Kigali and go directly to Gisenyi. This city is magical. You can drive to some of the resorts, one recommendation is the Nivarna, it has pool that looks like an infinity poll at an angle. Then take a boat trip that will take you to different sites as outlined in the video below.

3. A Day Trip to Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera national park is the largest protect wetland for savana-adapted wildlife conservation in Rwanda and Central Africa. If you want a game drive and see a variety of animals then this is the place to be. In my experience, the drive will be more enjoyable with a private tour as opposed to a group trip in buses.

4. A Day Trip to the Kings Palace, Inyambo Cows and Ethnographic Museum in Nyanza Province

A trip to the Kings Palace in Nyanza province will have you learning about the traditional king in Rwanda, the magnificent Inyambo cows and the traditional houses. A few kilometres away is the Ethnographic museum where you learn about the ethnic communities and their history in Rwanda.

NB: The following activities are in my bucket list since I didn’t get to see them personally. I went to Rwanda when Covid was still very real and there were too many restrictions and fees. But they are definitely great activities

5. Nyungwe National Park

This is one of the oldest rainforests in Rwanda. It is almost always raining so make sure to carry your hiking boots and rain gear. It has 15 trails you can enjoy, Isumo waterfalls and borders beautiful tea plantations.

6. Canopy Walk

The canopy walk is located inside Nyungwe National Park and is suspended 70m above the forest. It is a must visit for thrill seekers. There is a 2.1km easy hike to get to the bridge so go prepared to hike. Rain gear is recommended. More information about fees and other details can be found here.

7. Volcanoes National Park

True to its name, this park is named after the dormant volcanoes that makes it up. It is home to the famous mountain Gorillas. You can hike here and see the Bisoke Crater. More information here. If you are lucky, you can encounter the gorillas on the trail, saving you the $1500 charge for Gorilla tracking.

8. Gorilla Tracking Rwanda

This is one of the top activities for most tourists in Rwanda. The fee is $1500 per person per day. More info here.

9. Musanze Caves

There are around 52 caves in Rwanda’s northern province. You can make a day out of it. More info here.

If you have more amazing things to do in Rwanda, leave a comment below.

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