Watamu National Marine Park: A Beautiful Tale of Boats, Snorkelling and SeaFood

Happy me on a boat

Watamu National Marine Park is a beautiful place to visit that should be on the top of the list of your must-visit places. It is rich with over 600 species of multicoloured fish and sea animals.

Clear water at Garoda Beach Watamu

There are multiple activities to partake in here at Watamu. Such as snorkelling, windsurfing, waterskiing, sunbathing on the white beaches, diving and glass-bottom boat rides. All while having a myriad of seafood options for lunch.

We opted for a full day trip on one of the glass bottom boats and it was worth every penny. Our day started when we arrived at the Blue Bay beach, Watamu. On the shores are the Marine park offices as well as street vendors selling trinkets such as fridge magnets as well as traditional Swahili clothing (Dera and shuka) and shoes. After a heart attack moment, after the guy gave us the wrong Mpesa number, and my friend ended up sending Ksh 10k to the wrong number (which she got back cause the number was luckily out of service), we were on our way to our adventure.

The glass bottom boat
The Full Day Trip

The wooden boat features a glass bottom for viewing and a rooftop for sunbathing. We set off in a 5-minute storm as we approached the Snorkelling area.

Snorkelling done right is one of the coolest most calming experiences that I have ever participated in. The Snorkel and the mask combination provide for the best way to view the colourful fish and the reef without needing to come up for air. If you don’t know how to swim, you are placed in a ring and a float jacket to keep you afloat as you enjoy the fish. One of the guys is also with you at all times to make sure nothing happens.

After that, the next activity is the white sand beach swimming at Garoda beach. Here the water is so clear and the beach is so white that it is tempting. Along the shore, there are makeshift shades run by locals who also provide food especially seafood on request.

The next stop is the Waka Waka Island welcoming you with delicious seas food and traditional dancers. This was probably my favourite part of the entire ride. Putting on the traditional wear and swinging your hips around in the sun was awesome.

Dancing away

From there you enjoy the long trip back. If you can withstand the sun you can stay on the roof, or choose to stay inside, but at that point you are happy and all you want to do is look at the ocean as it passes you by.

Make sure to add Watamu National Marine Park to your list.

Website: http://kws.go.ke/content/watamu-marine-national-park-reserve

Contact: +254 710538931

Fees: About Ksh 2500 for Kenyans and Ksh 3500 for Foreigners during Low season. (Call number above to confirm depending on the season)

Just a drive away lies hidden treasured in Malindi and Marafa. Be sure to check them out and visit of course.

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