The Weekend Vacation – Part 7, Nightlife in Diani

The poodle
The poodle

As amazing as the apartment was, and quite frankly very tempting to just stay in the entire weekend, we needed to go out and experience the nightlife in Diani. We arrived in Diani on Friday evening. Due to the festivities the night before, we were exhausted. Therefore, that evening we decided to just go out for dinner and call it a night.

We freshened up and reserved a table at the hotel restaurant.We were all very famished, having not taken any decent meal during the day. The food was amazing. The restaurant has a chef who prepares the meals as they are ordered. It takes quite some time but once the dishes are placed on the table you realise that the wait is worth it.

After going back to the apartment we put on the Matrix, this was the second attempt at watching the movie. Marc and I took one of the couch while Jay and Steph took the other. As expected, I started sleeping after 5 minutes into the movie. I bet everyone else did too because they paused the movie 10 mins later deciding to finally go to bed.

That was the first night at Diani. Pretty uneventful, hence the delicious meal took the winner of “the highlight of the day cup“.

The following morning we woke up and did a couple of things. Once evening came, we decided to turn it up a notch.

We had spotted a supermarket with a well-stocked liquor section earlier in the day. It was the perfect place to go to, to buy some drinks. We bought two bottles, whiskey for the boys and flavoured vodka for the girls.

Back at the apartment, we fished out the wine glasses and happily poured ourselves some drinks. I think I remember putting on the Matrix, for the fourth time, but soon we paused it in favour of music.

We stayed there for about an hour, at which point we were ready to go out.

Before the trip, I had done some reconnaissance and found three recommended spots. One was the forty thieves, where we went during the day. The second was a club called Shakatak. The third was yet another club called Tandoori. The last two came highly recommended and were within a walking distance of each other.

We took a tuk-tuk to take us to Tandoori. Once we got there, we could hardly hear any music. The place itself looked neat on the inside. We asked the guards at the door when the music started and his response knocked our Nairobian socks off. He said that the music would start at around 11 PM or midnight. It was 9 PM and we were not about to wait two hours in a deserted club. In Nairobi, you can walk into a club at 5 PM and there are already blaring music. In fact, you are likely to spot a few early starters in there. Sometimes even more than a few. And this usually goes on any day of the week let a lot a Saturday night.

We decided to check out Shakatak. It was a two minutes stroll. We already began to lose hope even before we got there as the place was as silent as a graveyard. At the gates, we met a local with a thick coastal Swahili accent. She told us that she had already checked the place out and that the staff were in a meeting. They were not yet open. Honestly, who holds a staff meeting in a club on a Saturday night.

The nice lady also informed us that there was another place called BidiBadu. She assured us that it was open. It was along the beach and it involved walking 5 minutes to the place using a dark route. She told us that she had considered checking it out but she had been afraid to walk alone. If we wanted, we could walk with her. My overthinking brain was sceptical for a second there. There are many scenarios that played out in my brain all ending up with this being a very bad trap.

I did not voice my concerns and the others seemed okay with the idea. Regardless of my paranoia, wi went along with the plan and followed the lady towards the club.

When we got to the place, the booming music was an assurance that the staff were not in a meeting. The nice lady waved us goodbye and we proceeded to look for a table. Without meaning to, this place fulfilled one of my desires to party along the beach.

The music was vibrant, ranging from pop to electronic. It was the kind of music that anyone can listen to. We ate our dinner there as we enjoyed the music and the beach.

The highlights of the evening

The crab fight

At one time, we were entertained by two crabs as they were fighting over domination. One, in particular, was vicious. He/She (do crabs have gender??) was the clear winner as seen in this attempt in video taking. The winner then started to bury the poor loser.

The Poodle

There was this white poodle. It was just so cute.

The poodle

The Poodle

The Bonfire

Granted, it wasn’t as huge as it is in the movies, but it definitely was something. Plus the bonfire had just been lit. Who knows, if we had waited a little longer maybe it would have been. I also like the heart-shaped base.

The bonfire

The Bonfire

After our dinner, we decided to take the party back to our apartment.

Back at the hotel, we got this brilliant idea to turn it into a pool party. We had fun, there were a couple of other guests who had the same idea.

At some point, everyone left the pool including Jay and Steph who decided to finally call it a night, and I was left alone, with a very frustrated boyfriend. I gave up trying to get him to join me so I just gave in and went to bed.

I don’t think I have enough data on nightlife in Diani since we were only out for a night. However, if what we saw was any indication, then it is pretty down. Maybe it was the low season. Or the fact that we are Nairobians.

We had fun though because at the end of the day it is the company that counts.

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