The Weekend Vacation – Part 6, Beach, Sand and Sun

The Mangro Hotel Frontside Pool
The Mangro Hotel Frontside Pool

Beach, Sand and Sun is the best way to describe how we spent the Saturday in Diani. We woke up early and well rested. After making an attempt (and failing) to watch the Matrix once more, we left the hotel to look for breakfast. We had breakfast at the Naivas cafe. It was pretty good. Their fresh juice was to die for.

After breakfast, we raided their shelves to look for sunglasses and hats. We were going to hit the beach and we had to go all out.

This time we decided to walk back to the hotel to drop some of the stuff we had bought and also for the boys to change into their newly acquired beachwear.

We then boarded a tuk-tuk to take us to the beach. I had done my research and discovered that the Forty Thieves restaurant is the go-to daylight beach joint. We headed there and walked the short distance towards the beach.

I was personally too excited for my own good. The feeling of my toes in the sand was heavenly.

Diani beach

Diani beach

We changed into our costumes and within no time we were playing in the water. Funny enough, only Jay knows how to swim so that wasn’t an option.

We didn’t do much here as it was not exciting as we had hoped. The truth is that the beach was dirty with too many coral leaves lying around. Moreover,  there were few people at that time. Maybe it was because of the low season. Sometimes the beach is only fun if there are more than just a few people. The water was too shallow also.

We decided to head back to the hotel. At this point, we just needed to get back to the apartment.

At the hotel, we ordered our lunch and headed to the pool.

The second pool

The second pool

The pool was just outside the apartment and luckily, far from the reception and restaurant. There wasn’t much activity except for guests who were also at the poolside.

The food was as good as it had been the previous evening. I decided to experiment with seafood this time though.

The prawns

The prawns and fries

We spent so much time at the pool. As I said earlier. only Jay knows how to swim. Hence, the rest of us were just playing in the water. He attempted to teach us but it was pretty futile, especially for yours truly.

At around 5 in the evening, we were tired and decided to call it a day.

The sun that day wasn’t kind to any of us. Despite having applied the sunscreen I had bought earlier generously, I got so sunburned that I got tan lines. The real effect was seen on Monday morning. I woke up with my face looking like a scarecrow. Two weeks later I still have rashes on my skin.

The day at Diani was okay. I wish we had explored more and gotten to know more about the place, but we only had one weekend.

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