Welcome to my Blog, Again


Welcome to my blog, again. My name is Phillis Kiragu. I am now 26 years old and wiser. I say “again”, because my first post on this blog was a welcome post and I just read it. Let’s just say, I now have a major case of embarrassment. Please don’t judge me and if you do keep it to yourself. I was only young. If you are reading this after that post, just know that I have changed a lot physically, mentally, psychologically and professionally. If you will read it after this, read it with a grain of salt. I considered removing it but decided against it.

As I have changed over the years, my mentality and mindset have become so different, I am almost a new person entirely. I did remove some personal posts from the blog but I will keep all other remaining posts as they are, grammar mistakes and everything.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog about aspects of my life that I am comfortable sharing. Until recently, I used pseudonyms because I wanted to keep it separate but not any more, I have finally won the internal battle and decided to reveal myself to the barely countable people who care. I am still going to hide most people’s names and faces, I will probably not use many photos with my face as well. If I write something that offends you, I apologise. Write to me on the contact form and we will see what to do. If you are in my stories and want me to use your real name and face, chances are you have my number so text me about it, and vice versa. Lastly, I am only human, so take me as such.

2021 Edit

It is 2021. I have experienced a lot. I have changed a lot. I am now 27, and I am finally advertising this blog, keeping it updated, not just sometimes but always. Life is too unpredictable to hide a part of yourself.

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