Visiting Uganda ~ Amazing Two Days in Kampala

The River Nile Bridge

Even though I ended up cutting my trip short, it was all worth it in the end. Kampala is much like Nairobi. There isn’t much to do in the city during the day. The nightlife is a different case.

On Saturday,

I pretty much spent the day catching up with my friend. It was great overall. We went to Kampala town to buy a few things and the chaos was so much like Nairobi. People, motorbikes and matatus everywhere. What caught my eye though was this particular junction, I forgot the name of the road. At this particular junction, there are no traffic lights, therefore on a busy night, matatus and people and bikes move together in what I can only describe as synchronised chaos. It was exhilarating to watch.

After the short trip to town and a quick shower, and a great dinner, we joined some other guys to go to a club. This is where Kampala gets interesting. There is an area known as Kololo and if you are a party goer, that is the place to be at night. There is an entire street filled with clubs. During the night, the place is filled to the brink with cars and people. During the day, I barely recognised the deserted road.

You’d think that since they’re so many clubs that there would be space in them? Well, you’d be wrong. Every club you go into is full. This is from around 11 pm-12 pm. 

After club hopping and checking out the clubs my friend had said are it, we ended up in my favourite one. Bubbles. This particular club defies the common Kenyan/Kampala club type where they put tables at every corner to accommodate as many people as possible. Instead, the seats are in the corner, leaving the middle wide open for much-required dancing space. Also, instead of playing native Uganda songs, the DJ’s mix an international playlist, which explains why there are so many whites in the area. So we basically danced the better part of the night away at bubbles.

At bubbles, forgive the video quality

On Sunday,

Another friend joined us from Nairobi. We made a trip to a town called Jinja, to see the source of river Nile, ‘cos, why not?

The source of River Nile

Jinja is a beautiful town and the boat ride to the source makes it even better. And, of course, you have to touch the water.

The River Nile

And the dance in the River, again, ‘cos why not?

Me Dancing, In case you didn’t catch that

That day many amazing things happened. We stopped by one of the most beautiful bridges I have seen.

The River Nile Bridge

That night we just ate at KFC and went to sleep, almost too tired to function.

On Monday,

I met up with a Ugandan friend I had met before, he took me for lunch at this place called Go Fish. Like you literally fish out the one you want to eat.

Go Fish, Kampala

To say we destroyed that fish would be a grave understatement.


Later that evening my friends took me to the bus station. The journey back was the worst so I choose not to dwell on it. The VIP seat was uncomfortable and overpriced. The chargers did not work yet my phone was at 1% since I boarded in good faith that there would be chargers on board. The yellow fever card at the border nightmare, the no stamps thing finally came to by me in my behinds. I almost got arrested for no seatbelt and even went to the police station. And the worst part, presentations were cancelled and the responsible person sent the message too late. Which means I cancelled my week vacation for no reason whatsoever. I don’t really want to remember that journey back because it taints an otherwise great weekend.

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