10 Top Things to do in Gdańsk Poland


Gdańsk is a very beautiful city in Poland. When people talk about visiting Poland, Gdańsk is not usually a destination they think of and that is a shame. Gdańsk is a hidden gem and you should put it on your list. Most of the top things to do here can be accomplished in a day, so if you don’t have much time, don’t worry too much about it. If you have a few more days, even better, you get to explore the town properly, got to the beach (if you visit during summer) and visit the museums.

Gdańsk is located south of the Baltic sea and it’s Poland’s largest seaport. It is a city rich in history and it was once considered a Royal City of Poland. Unfortunately, most people overlook it in favour of other cities such as Warsaw and Krakow.

Here are the top things to do in Gdańsk in a day:

1. Długi Targ / Ulica Długa

The Długi Targ (Long Market) and Ulica Długa (Long Street) make up the Royal Way which is the main street in old town Gdańsk. This street is done with beautiful buildings, historical sights and multiple cafes and restaurants. While walking here, make sure you stop over at these stops such as the Main Town Hall, Neptune’s Fountain and Artus Court. The street starts from the Golden Gate and ends at the Green Gate, near the Green Bridge and the waterfront of the Motlawa river

Dlugi Targ in the morning hours when it is not too crowded.
Dlugi Targ with the beautiful Christmas lights

2. The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate (Złota Brama) marks the beginning of Ulica Długa (the long street). From this gate, you can see the cafes and restaurants as well as the Main Town Hall.

The Golden Gate

3. The Main Town Hall

The Main Town Hall is the second tallest building in the city. It is located at the intersection of Dlugi Targ and Ulica Dluga. It is a Gothic-Renaissance building that was built in the 14th century.

To get a good view of the city, climb the tower. If you are there in winter, be sure to check the time since it closes early. It also houses the history museum, so if you are a history buff then be sure to take a look.

The Main Town Hall, the one with the huge clock tower (You can’t miss it)

4. Neptune’s Fountain

Right next to the Main Town Hall is the magnificent Neptune’s Fountain. This masterpiece was built in a mannerist, late baroque style.

Neptune’s Fountain is in front of Artur’s Court.

Neptune’s Fountain
Night view of the fountain with the Golden House at the back

5. Artur’s Court

Artur’s Court which was named after the mythical King Arthur was used by merchants as a meeting place and a gathering spot for social life. Today it serves as a branch of Gdańsk History Museum, and it is worth a visit.

Artur’s Court behind Neptune’s Fountain

6. St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church built during the 14th century. For a church in Europe, the whitewashed walls are not a sight to behold and you’ll see more impressive churches around. However, it’s tower is the highest point in town.

Climb the 408 steps to the top, and when you are at the top you will be grateful you made the effort. It provides a sight to behold.

If you want to visit the oldest church in the city then be sure to visit St Catherine’s Church.

View of the city from St Mary’s Church

7. The Green Gate

The Green Gate is a mannerist gate marks the end of the long market and is situated nest to the Motława river. The top of it was built as a formal residence for Polish Kings. Today it houses a branch of the National Museum.

The Green Gate

8. Motlawa River Waterfront

The river Motlawa provides a serene place for a walk in the evening and the buildings light up the river to make for a good picture. The Long Embankment also has many cafes and bars where you can eat and enjoy the breeze.

Walk both sides of the river and see the beautiful buildings as well as the giant sign with the city name.

View of the long embankment of the Motlawa River lined with townhouses and cafes.
Beautifully lit Motlawa River in the evening

9. Żuraw (Crane)

The Zuraw is a landmark on the waterfront that boasts of the city’s glory days as a trading town.

Inside is a branch of the National Maritime Museum where you can see how life was at the port hundreds of years ago.

The Żuraw

10. Ulica Mariacka

Mariacka Street is a famous walkway from the church to the river. It is surrounded by narrow merchant houses with large porches. There are cafes where you can sit and relax.

Mariacka Street

Winter Bonus: Christmas Market

If you happen to visit Gdansk during winter, you definitely have to check out their Christmas Market. It is located next to the golden gate and stretches all the way to the street. Be aware that it will most likely be crowded. It is a nice place to meet with locals and eat traditional festive dishes.

Beautiful lights put out all across the city
Photo booth on the green Bridge
The Christmas Market

If you have more than a day:

If you visit most of the places above, then you most likely have already fallen in love with this hidden gem. However, if you have more days to spare then there are other places you can go to visit. Here are some of the notable ones.

a. European Solidarity Center

This is a new museum dedicated to the Polish struggle against the communist rule. Here you will learn more about the Solidarity movement and their efforts to fight their oppressors.

b. Museum of the Second World War

This museum is a sight to behold from the outside. The architecture is one to marvel upon. Inside you get all the history of the second world war along with the aftermath brought about after the war ended.

c. Westerplatte

Westerplatte is located near the seashore and it can be accessed via a cruise from the old town. It is considered as a place where the world war started. It is a nice place to take a relaxing walk.

d. Oliwa

Oliwa is a district not far from the old town. It has several attractions such as the Oliwa Park and the Pachołek Hill. the most notable attraction is the Oliwa Cathedral.

e. Amber Museum

Whether you love jewellery or not, here you will enjoy learning all there is to know about amber, from how it is processed to its uses throughout history.

f. Baltic Beach

If you are in Gdansk during summer, take time to sunbath at one of the beautiful beaches. The most popular Gdansk beach is seaside in Jelitkowo. It is well maintained, family-friendly and even features a bike path.

Final Thoughts

Gdańsk is a beautiful gem with a lot to offer, make sure you stop by some cafes to get some coffee as you watch the masses and also get a hold of a traditional dish because, why not. Stroll by the riverside and enjoy the cool breeze.

I hope you will love this city as much as I did. Checkout out things to do in other Europeans cities as well.

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