Top 10 Awesome Things to do in Malindi, Coast Kenya


Malindi is a beautiful town, and an amazing place to live in. Yes, this is total personal bias. When I say I loved living in Malindi, I really mean I loved it. If you want to live there for a while or you are just visiting for a while, here are some of the things and places you should make sure to see, do or visit.

1. Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

This place does not need to be advertised, its beauty speaks for itself. Yet, it is a hidden gem that is known by a few. Read about it in detail here: Marafa Hell’s Kitchen: The Beautiful Canyon

Marafa Hell’s Kitchen

2. Horse Riding along The Beach

When you talk about relaxing, you have to talk about riding a horse along the beach, with the sunset behind you. In Malindi, there is a horse riding centre, housed inside the SeaView Resort. With many trained and docile horses, and trainers who accompany you, you do not need to be afraid even if it is your first time to get on a horse.

Cost: Ksh 750

Contact: Anderson – +254717782578

Riding on the beach, missing the sunset but still cool AF

3. Ndoro Sculpture Garden

A beautiful sculpture garden and a warm host, with tea and cupcakes. What else do you need for a relaxed afternoon? Read about it all here: Ndoro Sculpture Garden for your next visit to Malindi

4. The Beach, Golden Beach and SilverSands Beach

If you are in Malindi, the most likely one of the major attractions is the beach, the feeling of sand on your toes, the saltwater in your eyes, the palm trees. All of it. There are two must-visit beaches. The golden beach where the sand shines on your skin believed to have been used for weddings, and SilverSands beach where you can have a nice long walk as you ponder your life. Personally, it was the morning runs that did for me.

5. Boat Ride at the Malindi Marine Park

This one goes without saying. The vast ocean, beach in the middle, coloured fish. The boats can be accessed via the Marine Park.

Cost: Ksh 3500 – Ksh 5000

Best Time: 10am – 2pm

6. A walk to the Corals

If you want to walk on water, or on the space the water leaves, then this is your activity. Get to walk hundred of meters from the shore to witness beautiful corals and sea animals. Collect shells and take awesome pics. Accessed via SilverSands beach where you negotiate with the eagerly waiting locals.

Yes, this is the middle of the ocean

7. Vasco Da Gama Pillar

This pillar was erected in 1498 when the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama was given a warm welcome by the Shiek of Malindi. It was originally set up outside a mosque but due to its Christian nature, it was moved to its current position in the 16th century.

8. Beach Party

The beach party lives up to its name. Nothing beats the feeling of dancing as the wind from the sea cools you down. Hosted at the Rosada Beach resort on Mondays and Fridays. This is a must stopover.

9. SeaFood and Swahili Dishes

Explore your appetite by trying out different seafoods fresh from the ocean. When you are tired of the seafood. Hop into a tuktuk and ask them to take you to the best Swahili dishes restaurant, and eat some more.


10. Malindi Pier

A stretched out pier that reaches the ocean giving you an adrenaline rush as you look down.


There other places that did not make the list but they may make up yours so if you are into history and buying African made art and jewellery make sure you visit the Malindi Museum, the tourist market and the Portuguese chapel, all within walking distance of each other. Finally, walk around the old town and eat street food and enjoy the slow life of the locals in Malindi.

I hope you enjoy Malindi as much as I did. From Malindi, you can make a stopover in Mombasa and check out Haller Park and Fort Jesus.

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