Ndoro Sculpture Garden for your next visit to Malindi

Me at Ndoro Sculpture Garden

Ndoro Sculpture Garden is a hidden gem, lying not far from Malindi town. The garden houses a collection of over 300 stone sculptures from Zimbabwe. The collection is owned by Carola, who is a journalist and collector who is fascinated by art. The sculptures are from different artists from Zimbabwe all the way from the 1960s where they gained international recognition.

Ndoro Sculpture Garden

A visit to the Ndoro sculpture garden is free of charge but you will need to make an appointment via a phone call. Her phone number is available on her Facebook page.

Once you get there, Carola will take you around the garden telling you about the sculptures and the stories behind their meaning as well as the artist who created them. You can tell from how she talks about them, just how passionate she is.

Ndoro Sculpture Garden
Ndoro Sculpture Garden
The beautiful garden also has various flowers and trees shading you from the sun making up for a nice shade for a relaxing afternoon walk.

The artwork displayed below that shows off a woman’s torso weighs around 400kgs. Carola says that it took 9 grown men hours to move it from the gate to where it sits, which is a distance of about 50 meters. In addition, it took her nearly 1 and a half years to transport it after it had been completed.

The 400kg torso

You can also visit the small gift shop which contains crafts from Zimbabwe and also some from local artists.

Gift shop at the garden

At the end of my walk, Carola offered me hibiscus tea and a cupcake as we chatted away on her pouch with her dogs lying around, ending the lovely afternoon on a happy note.

Lovely tea and cupcake

When you visit Malindi, make sure to visit this hidden gem for a nice relaxing afternoon.

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